Concierge Security in Oxfordshire

Welcome to Oxfordshire Concierge Security, provided by Namib Security. Concierge security has many benefits for your business. It gives a touch of sophistication. It provides a friendly face to visiting clients, helps employees feel safer, and makes building logistics smoother.

Our professional front deskor reception security provide a welcoming presence, offering excellent customer service and enhancing the overall experience for your clients, visitors, and staff.

At Namib Security, we prioritize delivering high-quality security services. We ensure professionalism and effectiveness by equipping our security team with good customer service training and best practices. Our uniformed concierge security will become part of your organisation. We will follow building managers protocols and work in unison to ensure that your organisations reputation and image is projected in the best positive way, we become a part of your company and fully embody you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

In addition to our concierge security service, we offer a range of other comprehensive security services:

Manned Guarding Our highly trained security personnel provide round-the-clock protection for your premises, ensuring the safety of your property, staff, and visitors.
Luxury Retail Security We understand the unique requirements of luxury retail establishments and provide specialized security services tailored to meet your high-end clientele’s needs.
Alarm Response & Keyholding Our efficient alarm response service promptly addresses any suspicious activities or alarm triggers. Our trained security officers apprehend and detain intruders, providing security and peace of mind.
Mobile Patrols Our mobile patrol units conduct regular checks and inspections of your premises, enhancing security coverage and deterring potential threats.
Concierge Our professional concierge services offer a welcoming and helpful presence to enhance the overall experience for your clients and visitors.
Vacant Property We provide dedicated security services for vacant properties, protecting against trespassing, vandalism, and other risks associated with unoccupied premises.
Lock & Unlock Our security personnel can open and close your premises, ensuring secure access control.

By choosing Namib Security for your concierge security needs, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Receiving Visitors Professionally First impression count. When potential clients visit your business, you want to ensure the receive guest passes. And that they’re directed in a professional way.
  • Employee Safety Employee often spend more time in the office than in their own home each week. You want to make sure they feel safe when they are there. Seeing a concierge as they enter and leave can help them feel assure your business cares about their safety.
  • Building Administration Ever had staff annoyed by having to supervise tradesmen or sign for packages? These regular interruptions can be a real stress for you and your staff. By having a concierge security, you end this hassle.
  • Better Security Think of the number of people that enter and leave your business building or property each day. The front-desk concierge can maintain a log-book of visitors. They can also check if employees have their passes on them.
  • Financial Benefits If you manage a property for one or more business renters, there’s a financial benefit to having a concierge security. Our clients report a 10% increase in occupancy. They tell us there is around 20% boost to retention of business leases.

It’s time you considered concierge security to greet guests professionally as well as receive calls and deliveries. Help staff feel safe at work, and keep building contractors and tradesmen in check. Why not give it a try? Contact us today today so we can provide a tailored concierge for your commercial property.



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