Lock & Unlock

Lock and Unlock Service

As a business, security is bound to be one of your main concerns. It can be hard to find a keyholder you completely trust to carry out daily locking or unlocking duties. Our lock & unlock service goes beyond simply opening and closing doors – it provides complete peace of mind that your business is protected even if you’re not around by providing a visual security presence, alongside other key benefits.

What is a Lock & Unlock?

A ‘lock and unlock service’ provides an additional level of security during the times staff members may feel most vulnerable. Our service is completely unique and flexible and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

By having a dedicated security officer on hand during these times, you can be assured that your building is fully secure, and your people are protected during these periods. It also ensures your premises are protected by setting alarms, turning off equipment, and closing blinds.

Our lock and unlock service can be implemented during specific times, so that you can reduce the risk to your business when it needs it the most.

Not just opening and closing doors

Every business is different. For example, you might need extra protection during opening but not closing time, or vice-versa. Both sides of lock and unlock are available as entirely separate services, with their own benefits. Our guards work across the South East, safeguarding businesses of all sizes, including universities, offices, and warehouses.

Implementing a lock or unlock solution for your business

Opening and closing is the time when staff are vulnerable to attacks. Our security officers will be at your premises to unlock and lock up as to agreed times and will conduct a thorough patrol of the site. They will also ensure that all lights and other energy guzzling appliances are switched off and alarm is accurately set and building secured.

Our lock or unlock solution can be used alongside your existing health and safety practices and is completely flexible to your requirements.

Because our lock and unlock service can also be combined with alarm response and is implemented according to your needs and times, you can be assured that someone will be on hand to open and close even during holidays or staff illnesses.

Benefits of Lock & Unlock Service

  • Your staff can finish work at their usual times
  • Setting and disarming the alarm system
  • Complete internal and external checks of the building
  • Site security presence
  • Ensuring fire doors are closed
  • Shutting windows and blinds
  • Power saving such as turning off lights and other equipment overnight
  • Your premises will be fully locked down over night once late workers and cleaners have left
  • Checking for any forced entry or damage
  • Your premises will be opened and ready for you before everyone arrives
  • We check for unsecure windows, doors, fire exits as well as any signs of leaks and hazards
  • Unlocking internal doors
  • Turning any taps or running water off
  • Logging any vehicles left on site
  • This service provides a visual deterrent for any potential intruders and vandals
  • Fully flexible no fixed contract
  • Weekly or monthly reports

How it works

1. Schedule

All we need to know is when you want us to unlock for the day and when you would like your site to be locked up.

2. Unlock

We arrive at the agreed time & open the building or site for your staff.

3. Lock

We arrive at the agreed time and lock up the building or site for you, ensuring that its safe and secure.

Lock & Unlock FAQs


Yes, the lock and unlock can be integrated with mobile patrols, alarm response and keyholding basically whatever the client requires for their business.


The officers check for any security breaches, opened windows, open fire doors and maintenance issues, and report back to the client.


Are you the first to arrive or last person to leave your workplace? Unless your organisation operates 24 hours a day, you will need to appoint somebody to take care of locking and unlocking your premises also known as opening and closing.



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