Lock & Unlock


Opening & closing services most staff are most vulnerable to attacks during lock ups or unlocks. Our officers will be at the premises to unlock or lockup as to agreed times and will conduct a thorough patrol of the premises and ensuring that all lights and other equipment’s are turned off and that the alarm is set effectively. A checklist will be completed upon every visit.

Benefits of Lock & Unlock Service

  • Your staff can finish work at their usual times
  • Your premises will be fully locked down and protected overnight once late workers and cleaners have left
  • Your premises will be opened and ready for you before everyone arrives
  • We check for unsecure windows, doors, fire exits as well as any signs of leaks and hazards
  • This service provides a visual deterrent for any potential intruders and vandals


Our prices are unmatched, competitive and fair. Transparency & integrity is what we always strive for.


We promise to keep to our promise and will always be reliable. Being in the right place, at the right time with the right kit.


When it comes to the quality of our services we do not cut corners it's either 100% or nothing.