Namib Cycling Team

Namib Security is proud to be the main sponsor for the best cycling team in Oxfordshire, that is as committed to winning as we are. Namib Security has been a main cycling sponsor since 2017, and the NAMIB – cycling team has been taking part in major cycling sportives across the UK. Since sponsoring is such a great tool for raising a brand’s profile and bringing it to life, the decision to sponsor cycling was a conscious one and, in typical Namib fashion, went against the mainstream.

The passion for cycling at Namib wasn’t the only deciding factor, the sponsorship also has a strategic element to it. Namib has chosen sponsorship that fits in with the company in every way and helps it achieve it’s marketing objectives. Market research shows that there is increasingly greater brand recognition for us, meaning the efforts are paying off.

The official Namib Cycling Team website

Cycling for Security

It is no coincidence that as a leading provider of security solutions, Namib Security chose to sponsor a cycling team. Just as in security, cycling brings together talent, technology and teams to address the toughest challenges – in life and at work.

Our customers business is our business. That’s why at Namib Security we invest in our people and create solutions for life or for work. At Namib Security we share in our client’s success. Development is at the heart of everything we do by supporting young and up-coming cyclists we want to put our money where our mouth is and enable young talents to reach their maximum potential.

Our aim is to encourage people from all backgrounds especially young females to get involved in cycling through our commitment to the sport – even our staff and partners.

Individual talents and team spirit

But there is more. Just like in a cycling team, Namib Security achieves success by working with individual talents and excelling through team spirit. Cycling is healthy and accessible for all. It brings people together – in life and at work – and it sets things in motion. As does Namib Security.

Together with our customers and colleagues, we want to write the next chapter in this success story. Because just like the cycling team, Namib Security has a winner’s mentality. Together, we are winners. Namib Security sparks success so its customers and their people can thrive.

The official Namib Cycling Team website

If you share our passion for cycling and innovation why not have your company name on the teams cycling kit, and become a partner or sponsor. Simply email: [email protected] or should you wish to join the team as a cyclist or brand ambassador.


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