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Retail is details, we have taken some of the best ideas and practices from the military, fashion and luxury industry and applied those ideas into our luxury retail security. People often confuse luxury retail security with corporate or front of house security. We understand luxury retail although the ultimate goal is to prevent stock loss and reduce shrinkage. Retail shops will always be a target as the demands for luxury goods is always high. Having adequate retail security and loss prevention solutions in place is crucial.

Our founder started his security career at Bicester Village and House of Fraser. To us the customer experience is what makes all the difference, the moment the customer enters the store until they complete their visit. All our retail security guards or door supervisors are highly trained and play a vital part in ensuring that the customer always have the best shopping experience possible when they visit a luxury retail boutique or store. At Namib Security we believe that you only one get one chance to make a good “first impression” that is the culture and philosophy we strive from. Luxury means the full experience in the eyes of the customer.

Luxury retail is a key segment in the retail industry. More and more, offline luxury retailers are turning to security solutions to address certain challenges and difficulties they face. According to the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) annual retail crime survey published in 2020, the direct cost of customer theft, which includes shoplifting, amounted to £1.9 billion in 2019-2020, which was an increase of 7% compared to the previous year.

Offline luxury retailers face challenges from several fronts. First and foremost is security.  As luxury retail stores continue to do well in business – in spite of the pandemic and inflation – they are also faced with various real and potential criminal activities.

Beyond security, luxury retail stores also face other challenges. These include operational efficiency, stock management and delivering a good customer experience.

At Namib Security, we understand that you simply don’t have the time to monitor every single customer who walks through the door. Our professional, luxury retail security officers can take on that responsibility, seamlessly integrating themselves onto your store floor to be the much-needed eyes and ears of your business.

Should an incident occur, our personnel are trained to deal conflict so will manage any situation in a professional, subtle manner without drawing any unnecessary attention to your store. Namib’s security guard can liaise with the police and are even trained to take statements, carry out interviews and investigate suspicious activity.

We offer security services that are specifically designed to prioritise the customer experience. Our security teams in the retail sector understand the importance of balancing security measures with a positive shopping experience.

We work closely with our clients to develop customised security plans that address their unique needs and concerns while also ensuring that their customers feel safe and comfortable. Our team is trained to interact with customers in a friendly and professional manner, and we prioritise customer satisfaction at all times.

To take your security to the next level, choose our retail security detectives to watch over your stock and staff, delivering the ultimate protection.

Customer experience enhancement

Customer experience enhancement is another benefit security can bring to luxury retailers, who must maintain high safety and security while providing a frictionless shopping experience.

Security solutions can enhance the customer experience by ensuring a safe and secure environment. For example, well-trained security guard customer interaction and behaviour can impact their overall customer experience. Security personnel trained in customer service can provide assistance and guidance, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Enhance your brand and image with our retail security officers

Focusing on our customers

Many of Namib Security customers work in high-stress environments. Their roles can be mentally and sometimes physically demanding, which means the small things are all the more important. The quality of life services we provide, from security to cleaning, can make all the difference to someone’s day. But it’s not just what we deliver that matters; it’s how.

Right from the start, we encourage our colleagues to get involved with their clients’ business so that they’re ready to respond in the right way. Our colleagues are all trained to go the extra mile, make people feel at ease and always serve with a smile.

Benefits of having an on-site retail security officer includes:

  • Brand enhancement Our security professionals will often be the first and last person that your customers meet therefore play an important role in enhancing the customers overall experience shopping experience.
  • The stationing of security officer at your store Our security professionals provide a visible deterrent and are able to respond quickly to any security incidents that may occur.
  • Theft prevention With theft and organized retail crime on the rise, keeping luxury stores safe from these has become critical. Security systems can do a good job in this regard.
  • Constant surveillance Our security officers are trained to observe and report any suspicious activity, ensuring that your property is always secure.
  • Disputes & Fraud minimization Inevitably, disputes and fraudulent activities happen from time to time at luxury stores. Luxury retail security officers can help settle these disputes.
  • Employee safety Security officers can also help ensure employee security and safety, which are key requirements for luxury stores. “Security measures can also protect employees by creating a safe work environment.
  • Emergency response Our security professionals are trained to respond to emergency situations and will take quick action to ensure the safety of all individuals on the property. Our colleagues are also trained to assist in medical emergencies and provide first aid.
  • Loss prevention Our security officers are trained to identify potential theft and fraud and take appropriate actions to prevent losses. This includes monitoring security cameras, conducting investigations, and working with local law enforcement.

Our Luxury Retail Security officers will

  • Greet visitors to the premises in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • Carry out his or her duties in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Use moderate language, which is not defamatory or abusive, when dealing with members of the public and colleagues.
  • Be well dressed and groomed with a nice warm friendly welcoming smile.

Retail Cleaning

Our cleaning teams are equipped with the latest cleaning technology, including advanced cleaning equipment and products, to ensure that we are able to effectively clean your store within a short period of time.

Our commitment to introducing innovative cleaning solutions is a testament to our dedication to improving efficiency and effectiveness, while also reducing the environmental impact on the retail sector.

Our range of services to the Retail sector include

Luxury Retail Security
Alarm Response & Keyholding
Ad-hoc Guard

Luxury Retail Security FAQs


The answer is Yes, we offer window cleaning using a pure water-fed pole system and only use purified water to help eliminate spots and streaks on your windows.


The answer is Yes we cover all boutiques in Bicester Village and can arrange cover on a short notice for an ad-hoc security officer to cover any events such as sales or if you have contractors working in your store or boutique till late and want to ensure your stock protection and that shop is alarmed and locked up afterwards, also can offer keyholding and cleaning


The SIA (Security Industry Authority) is responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK and issuing SIA licences.


All retail security guards must hold an SIA licence to carry out ‘licensable’ activities. We also offer a range of online training courses to all our employees, covering first-aid, customer service and health and safety, and so can deploy officers with specific training if required.


Retail businesses frequently turning to retail security guards to provide responsive and dedicated protection. No business wants to become a victim of crime; it damages your businesses finances and reputation, as well as putting employees at risk. Deploying a strong security presence on your retail premises can act as a powerful visual deterrent against crimes such as theft, vandalism, or sabotage.



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