Concierge & Reception Security

Onsite concierge, first impression is everything and having the right frontline office or building security is important for both your brand image and reputation. Every company needs a great security company that will uplift and reflect their image and profile. Enhance your company image, ensure maximum security and provide efficient customer service with our professional and motivated concierge security. With our concierge or reception security staff we become part of your organisation and always take a partnership approach.

Integrated into your workplace

Integrated into the workplace, the onsite concierge replicates a service experience synonymous with renowned hotels and hospitality brands. Equipped with local knowledge of your workplace area, we can deliver a service unique to your business and your employees. Our aim is adopting a service culture typically found in luxury buildings and modifies that service to enhance front of house services in office and commercial buildings. Customer service is at the heart of an exceptionally good concierge experience we achieve this by using the same training methods that our luxury retail security officers undergo.

Whether you are an owner of a commercial building or are employed as the head of one, considering security becomes the priority since anything can go wrong when a lot of money is invested in someplace. Maintaining the security and integrity of a commercial building can be done in numerous ways that may include deploying security systems, using high-security hardware, monitoring every move of visitors and employees. But when you are burdened with other responsibilities, it becomes challenging to take care of these systems on your own. This is when you should consider outsourcing concierge security service professionals. Our teams seek to enhance the visitor experience with every interaction through services such as reception, and front-of-house.

When a building witnesses a lot of foot traffic and on-going activities, it becomes essential to hire concierge security officers who can receive visitors with friendly and comprehensive service. Many buildings secure vulnerable entry points like fire escapes, loading bays and rear doors, but they forget to assign security personnel. Can an organization or a company be trusted where security is least bothered about? Where it is common for people to directly access the areas and walk into the reception without any permission? No!

Therefore, having security guards can certify the safety of the building and can perform organizational tasks, manage the activities within the building, and provide pertinent information to visitors. Here are some points that will guide you with many benefits of hiring concierge security service professionals.

Concierge Security

Our professional concierge and reception services are available for use on a full and part time basis. Whether you are looking for permanent front of house security or staff holiday and sickness cover, our trained staff are on hand to provide a tailored service to meet specific needs including:

  • Personal Office Concierge Security
  • Serviced Office Options
  • Multi-Occupancy Buildings
  • Corporate Locations

We will discuss your needs initially to determine the right course of action, providing a no obligation quote. Where necessary we will arrange to visit the site.

For each of the above, services include the following:

  • Meet and Greet
  • Switchboard Call Handling
  • Front of House Security Maintenance
  • Access Control
  • Movement Monitoring

Understanding what is important to you, your staff and building visitors will help us in determining the right service. Reception security are professional at all times, working respectfully whilst conducting themselves appropriately. We are here to make your life easier.

At Namib Security we can provide concierge security guards with uniforms suitable to your building. Alternatively if you have something specific we will relay this to the individual appointed. Our front of house staff is structured to suit your needs and extend your business values to your visitors, clients and employees.

Front Of House Services

Our front of house security services provides you with a high-quality service which is available both full or part time. Our highly trained and experienced staff can deliver a bespoke service which covers everything you need to fulfil your front of house security needs across a number of locations, including: your own office, serviced offices, or your multi-occupancy commercial location.

Namib Security staff can provide everything you require from meeting and greeting to call handling, or they can maintain the front of house security, monitoring any movements and ensuring that only people who are authorised to, are able to gain entry into the premises. All these services are carried out in friendly but professional manner.

Our security team can provide our services dressed in either your business uniform or our own. They will conduct themselves impeccably, maintaining total professionalism at all times, and completing tasks as a member of your staff. They will be fully briefed on the aims of your business and what is expected of them whilst they are working on your premises.

Benefits of our concierge service

Take responsibility for various tasks
Besides maintaining security in and out of the building, they can deal with various problems related to the building. They can redirect callers and verify appointments. Though security is their main priority, yet they can take up light administrative tasks. They are the liaison point for deliveries, contractors and utility suppliers. Apart from taking up all these responsibilities, they confirm that the building’s environment is comfortable and clean for everyone to live in.

You get instant security
Highly trained security officers will ensure that the property, the people inside it, and the assets on the premises are being protected and secured. Apart from monitoring CCTVs and raising alarms when anything untoward occurs, they have the skillset to handle and diffuse criminal acts. They are the first point of contact when suspicious activity arises. Having them makes you unworried about leaving your premises as you know that you will always have someone to look after the property.

They are vetted and trained men
They are trained professionals to the high standards to handle any situation that may arise in the building. Apart from being trained, some companies make sure that they are vetted to ensure that they are legally allowed to work in specific buildings and areas.

Friendly faces for the visitors
Using concierge/reception services for your business guarantee your guests receive all the regular protection they need. They are courteous and respectful to all and somebody who your visitors, clients and employees can trust. They will be happy to help visitors with queries and concerns. They can work from the front desk, guard stations, or from their security vehicles to spot trouble and restrict suspicious people from entering premises.

Business Impacts & Benefits

Having a Business Concierge is all about convenience. The convenience of locating you or your business at The Concierge Office Suites with support services just a request away. If you’re looking for more than a box with a door, this is where you need to be. Have the convenience of being able to ask for personal and business support.

Many questions are already answered and resources provided for seasoned business professionals, C-Suite executives, or evolved entrepreneurs specializing in their area of business expertise. Where can I…? Could you…? How can I…? Clients have the convenience of a Business Concierge team at The Concierge Office Suites. These individuals are not “clock watchers” blowing your budget. Business Concierges are objective seekers, your objectives! The experience is all about making things conveniently happen.

Just In Time
Just-in-Time is a manufacturing term used to explain how things happen right when you need them to happen, bringing together the ideal experience or resource. It’s similar to the Goldilocks Principle, everything is “just right” and right on time or at a minimum you’re informed to make the best decision possible for the available resources.

Having things right when you need them like a meeting room set up for your meeting, like your mail delivered to your desk, greeting a guest when you are running late, or receiving an email alerting you that first class mail has arrived so you don’t have to call. Just-in-Time Business Concierge services means things are there right when you need them.

Meaningful experiences can be meaning-filled for recipients of Business Concierge services. The service focus is about what you want, when you want it, and how you want it within budget.

It can be catering delivered with your company colors to accent the experience for your brand. It’s a gift that is about who you are or the experience you want for your gift recipient. The experience is tailored, significant, and personalized. Meaningful means the Business Concierge really listened to what was important to you.

The extra-mile is all about offering more than you would expect whenever possible. The extra-mile experience is happily paying attention to opportunities to serve and make things better no matter what your budget is.

A Business Concierge is observing what your next question might be and attempting to answer it before you ask and provide options instead of just a no. The extra-mile is stretching to do more than the expected.

Leader in Service
The servant leadership style is based on the idea that leaders prioritize serving the greater good. Leaders with this style serve their team and organization first. They don’t prioritize their own objectives. Employees in a servant leadership environment are more likely to feel that their voices are heard.

Our concierge or front of house staff have some of the best interpersonal skills when it comes to listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people, and building communities.

Concierge Service FAQ


Almost all types of businesses or organisations require reception services, including corporate buildings, law firms, hotels, local government, and educational institutions. Namib Security provides front-of-house services for a wide range of sectors.


The benefits of having a professional reception service include creating a positive first impression, improving communication and coordination within the organisation, enhancing customer service and workplace experience, ensuring the efficient running of the organisation, and enhancing the overall experience for visitors, clients, and employees.


Namib Security’s front-of-house and reception services, provides a wide range of guest services that include: reception and front-of-house, lobby and workplace ambassador services, concierge services and meeting rooms management services.

Our security services includes

Manned Guarding
CCTV & Alarm Monitoring
Reception Security
Alarm Response &Keyholding



Our prices are unmatched, competitive and fair. Transparency & integrity is what we always strive for.


We promise to keep to our promise and will always be reliable. Being in the right place, at the right time with the right kit.


When it comes to the quality of our services we do not cut corners it's either 100% or nothing.