Manned Guarding

We will work in partnership with you to create best security solutions

Founded in 2013,our core values are a core pillar of our company culture. Namib Security Limited has since developed a wide range of experience and is a trusted supplier of security services across England & Wales.

Whether you need to guard a large open area such as an educational facility or site such as a warehouse, our SIA-licensed security guards can deliver comprehensive coverage to sustain total security across your site.

We can provide you professionally trained on-site security officers, retail security, uniformed guards and security guards across England & Wales, we look after prestigious brands and know what standards and conducts our clients expects.

Security guards in any industry have consistently proven they’re one of the most effective measures in ensuring the safety of your premises and personnel.

Encompassing everything from concierge and reception duties to night watch services, you’re able to deter crime by hiring security guards and officers. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible quality of service for your premises, and our tail or made service guarantees you get the right coverage.

We Will Become Part of Your Family

Our guarding services provide an invaluable level of protection for our customers’ assets. Namib Security is a market-leading provider of security services across England & Wales and is the trusted partner for customers across key sectors such as Retail and Education. With our British army military background, we take immense pride in our officer appearance, as they are often the first person the customers, visitors they come into contact with. We have years of experience in the security industry. Our aim is to provide our customers high quality security services and to protect their, people and assets. Our licensed are fully trained to BTEC level in all aspects of security and also undergo our compulsory in-house customer service training.

Our security professional’s presence acts as a deterrent to any potential threats, providing peace of mind for them. They also create welcoming and pleasant environments for our customers, their tenants, and visitors to their site.

Our on-site security service benefits includes:

  • The stationing of security officers at designated points on your property Our security professionals provide a visible deterrent and are able to respond quickly to any security incidents that may occur.
  • Constant surveillance Our security officers are trained to observe and report any suspicious activity, ensuring that your property is always secure.
  • Access control Our security officers manage access to your property, ensuring that only authorised personnel are allowed entry.
  • Emergency response Our security professionals are trained to respond to emergency situations and will take quick action to ensure the safety of all individuals on the property. Our colleagues are also trained to assist in medical emergencies and provide first aid.
  • Loss prevention Our security officers are trained to identify potential theft and fraud and take appropriate actions to prevent losses. This includes monitoring security cameras, conducting investigations, and working with local law enforcement.

Security Guards

Our Security Guards are deployed for assignments across England & Wales includes:

  • Static site security
  • Corporate security
  • Car park security
  • Gatehouse security
  • Patrol guards
  • Retail security guards
  • Front of house security
  • Reception security
  • Concierge security

We also provide a full spectrum of security services including; luxury retail security, mobile patrols, concierge security, lock & unlock, al with video verification, mobile patrols and alarm response & keyholding.

All our clients can rest assured that their security and facilities services are being provided by a professional accredited company. When you hire security guards from Namib Security you will be rest assured that our security guards will work diligently to deter thieves from retail outlets, control unruly crowds, secure front desks and act to deter crime. Furthermore, we can also send detailed reports outlining any call of duty our officers have undertaken as well as offer excellent customer service through our unbeatable concierge security. We are:

  • SafeContractor Approved company
  • All staff reference checked and on payroll
  • Frontline security staff vetted to British Standard 7858
  • Comprehensive insurance including £10m public liability and professional indemnity
  • Regular KPI checks, audits and reviews by our Operations Managers
  • Availability and direct line for all clients to company Directors
  • Guaranteed security cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Real time staff monitoring, proof of patrols and attendance
  • An established company with a strong experienced management

Exceptionally Trained

All of our security officers are fully trained and licensed to SIA standards. Every officer undergoes regular training and in-house customer service with the latest security procedures and regulations. Our colleagues are also equipped with the latest communication and security equipment to ensure that they can respond quickly to any situation. Our teams can ensure the highest level of security possible for our customers.

Reasons our clients trust and stay with us

  • Vast Experience
  • SIA Licensed Personnel
  • BS:7858 Screening
  • Excellent References
  • Fully Compliant

Static Security Guards & Manned Guarding

At Namib Security we can provide you with static, manned guarding, gatehouse and concierge services throughout Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

We have over 10 years of experience in providing security and manned guarding services, so you’ll be in good hands.

What is Guarding?

Guarding involves a trained uniformed Static Security Guard being stationed at your business. At Namib we offer short term and long-term contracts, so you can have a guard 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for the whole year, or you can have a guard for a few hours a week.

By having a guard stationed at your business it means someone is there to respond immediately and deter potential threats. This will allow your employees to work alone or at night with the knowledge there is security there to keep them safe and give you peace of mind. The licensed guards are fully trained to BTEC levels in all aspects of security and also have NVQ qualifications in security provision.

Benefits of using Namib guards include:

  • Visible Deterrent
  • Around the Clock Protection
  • Customer Service and Assistance
  • Professional Image for staff and Visitors
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Rapid Response
  • Expert Monitoring
  • Access Control And Verification
  • Enhanced Security
  • Handling Of Security Incidents
  • Integrated Security Solutions
  • Customer Confidence
  • First Aid Assistance


Our guards are fully trained in security and will handle any situation with ease. Our guards ensure that checkpoint swipes, detailed reports and regular contract reviews are enforced to keep you aware of the potential risks and responses.

Total Peace of Mind

Our security will give you peace of mind whilst you’re away from the business, due guards operating at any hour. When the criminals see a static security lodge at your premises and security guards patrolling, they will look elsewhere for a lower risk opportunity and in most cases, won’t return.

A Warm and Inviting Welcome

Guarding is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes operating in any sector. We provide manned and static guarding for businesses. Security officers at Namib Security provide a warm and welcoming presence on-site by communicating in a friendly and approachable manner. They are trained to be attentive and responsive to the needs of our customers and people on site, consistently enforcing safety and security protocols in a professional and courteous manner. Our officers proactively engage with people to ensure they feel safe and secure, and to provide assistance or direction as needed.

Guarding Services FAQ


A static security officer is stationed at a fixed location, such as a building or facility, to provide surveillance and protection. A mobile patrol officer, on the other hand, patrols an area or multiple sites in a vehicle. Mobile patrol teams often provide alarm response or keyholding services.


All our security officers in England & Wales have a SIA licence. This licence ensures the public is protected through the standards and qualifications required to provide the highest level of security.


The main responsibilities of a security officer include monitoring the area, responding to incidents and emergencies, enforcing security protocols, controlling access to the site, providing assistance and direction to visitors, and reporting any suspicious activity or potential threats.


Security guarding refers to the presence of a trained security officer at a fixed location, such as a building or facility, to provide surveillance and protection. The security professional is responsible for monitoring the area, responding to incidents and emergencies, and enforcing security protocols.

Sectors We Specialise

We have structured our business to support our key sectors. We have the deep expertise and dedicated resources needed to deliver the highest standards to our customers in sectors such as:

Our other security services we offer

We offer bespoke and integrated security solutions to meet your specific needs.

Luxury Retail Security
Mobile Patrols
Reception Services



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