Why are businesses using Mobile Patrols?

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As of recently Mobile Patrols have become quite popular among businesses. Over the last couple of months we have been trying to understand why the sudden change, and what effect it will have on the businesses. Below we have listed some of the reasons our clients use Mobile Patrols.

1. A substitute for security guarding

With the pricing of security services rising, many companies have been looking for cost-effective alternatives they could utilise. A trend that we’ve seen throughout the last couple of months is Mobile Patrols becoming popular amongst businesses. Mobile Patrols is a security solution created to deter unauthorised visitors from your premises through patrolling.

Why are they popular?

What makes Mobile Patrols popular is that the security officers are not fixated to one location, rather they are able to move around the premises in a marked vehicle monitoring and reporting any discrepancies. In a sense it is quite similar to security guarding, however for the fraction of the price.

2. Faster response times

Because the security guards are stationed in marked vehicles, it allows them to move around the premises much faster than your usual security guard, responding to incidents or triggered alarms much sooner. The Mobile Officer is able to do all the duties of a static guard plus more. Serving as the ultimate deterrence you can understand why Mobile Patrols have become popular.

3. Visual deterrent

Our patrol vehicles are branded and marked making ourselves known within the vicinity. You may think it’s pointless at first, but it actually helps with the deterrence of intruders and vandals. It has been proven that criminals tend to avoid places which are heavily fortified as it makes it harder to penetrate the business’ defence.

4. Fits everyone’s security needs

Mobile Patrols fits everyone’s security needs, no matter how big or small your business is. Because of the affordability, smaller businesses are able to prosper and protect their businesses from unauthorised visitors from gaining access to their property. We offer patrols in three different packages allowing the user to make the right decision for their business. Mobile Security Officers are able to monitor, patrol, report, respond, and resolve any issue any time.

5. Used out of hours

During out of hours is when businesses are most vulnerable. Criminals tend to target this vulnerability, setting the company back. With Mobile Patrols there is no reason to fret, since the officers are always on the move, there are no blind spots for criminals to take advantage of.

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