5 ways to improve your business security

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Why is business security important? 1 in 5 businesses are impacted by crime

If you manage or run a business, you might not be too worried about the risk of break-ins, thefts and burglaries? Unfortunately according to a recent report, wholesale and retail businesses with 50 or more employees experienced over 280,000 incidents of crime per 1,000 premises in 2017 alone. On average, this equates to each wholesale and retail business with 50 or more employees experiencing over 5 crimes per week. According to a study carried out by a leading business insurer – RSABritish Businesses Blighted by Yobs – petty theft, vandalism and malicious damage is costing businesses £9.8 billion a year. 1 in 5 businesses are impacted, costing them anything between £20,000 and £66,000 each per annum, dependant on sector and geographic factors.

These are worrying figures that are predicted to rise with cuts to the police force and other public services.

Luckily, there are plenty of preventative measures that you can easily put in place that will safeguard your assets. The more you invest in improving your business’s security, the less likely you will be targeted by opportunistic or organised criminals. Let’s look at 5 key security measures and why incorporating them into your business security plan will make all the difference in avoiding criminal attacks and losses.

Retail Security

If you’re looking to reduce loss in a retail environment, the first step is to examine exactly where it’s occurring. According to FaceWatch 34.6% of the UK retail crime losses were retail customer theft in shops. This adds up to a cost of £1.9bn in 2019, from customer theft in shops alone. Retail crime is on the rise and looks to get worse. That said; there was understandable a drop in retail crimes during the lockdown of 2020 as shops were closed and people were encouraged to isolate, now leaving their homes.

Retail loss prevention approach is always broken into two major categories: unknown loss and known loss.An unknown loss is simply that, retailers should be looking to determine the £ value of this category than trying to ascertain where exactly it’s occurring.The known loss category is more detailed, breaking defined loss into threats that are either malicious or non-malicious.

Malicious threats

Malicious loss is the type of loss that is purposefully perpetrated against a retail outlet either internally or externally and encompasses:

  • External theft
  • Internal theft (employee theft)
  • Customer fraud
  • Voucher/loyalty card scams
  • Burglary, criminal damage and arson
  • Cash theft

These are the type of threats that retailers combat via product protection (including electronic article surveillance and security tags), staff screening, policies and procedures, retail analytics, CCTV, and general in-store security.

These types of threats are addressed through systems and procedure, along with staff training.

Non-malicious threats include:

  • Shrinkage
  • Damage
  • Spoilage
  • Missed returns
  • Lost profit from out of stocks
  • Natural disaster losses
  • Cash loss
  • Error

If you manage a retail business it is essential that you make sure your business is safe and secure. This will help protect your shop, your employees, your stock and your business as a whole. Call our team now for a free business security review. We can offer advice and guidance that will help improve your current retail security.A Namib Security consultant is able to visit your premises to conduct risk review or discuss your loss prevention requirements. 

Mobile patrols

The presence of mobile patrol is a strong deterrent to unwanted intruders or opportunistic thieves and is renowned as being the most effective deterrent a business can deploy to keep crime, intrusion and vandalism away from your business.If you are looking for different ways to keep your business safe and secure this year, you should consider hiring a mobile security patrol. Mobile security patrols are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of securing business premises by offering the advantages of having a physical and responsive presence, unlike that of a security camera or alarm.

Just the sight of professional security vehicle or on your premises is often enough to prevent the crime from happening in the first place. And if a crime is committed, our night patrol officer will preserve and secure the site then contact the local police.

There are a range of patrol solutions available and will be tailored to the customer’s specifications. All our patrols are recorded and can be viewed in real time via an app.

If you manage a business it is essential that you make sure your business is safe and secure. This will help protect your employees, your stock and your business as a whole. Call our team now for a free business security review. We can offer advice and guidance that will help improve your current security. 

Intruder alarms

An intruder alarm or a burglar alarm is an effective way to prevent the risk of theft, intrusion and fire risk. Intruder alarms are a simple and productive solution for businesses that need to ensure the safety of their employees and assets and can even result in reduced insurance premiums. Intruder Alarms can be monitored to provide police response to alarm activations providing further deterrent to intruders and safety to keyholders attending alarms.

You can also have the alarm system connected to a mobile app so you have complete visibility of when you alarm is set/unset, who it was and which detectors were activated when it alarms. Without a keyholder in place to respond to activations to most people an intruder alarm is nothing more than a nuisance noise, so it is imperative that you have a trained professional responder who can deal with your activations in a timely manner.

Speak to our experienced team to discuss your security needs

Access Control Systems

An increasing number of businesses are finding that access control systems are invaluable for everyone’s peace of mind. It offers a number of benefits to organisations:

  • Never have to worry about lost keys again, changing a cylinder or paying out for expense replacement keys to be cut.
  • Don’t worry about anyone cloning keys and presenting a security risk to your organisation
  • Know who is in and who is out from your organisation at any time and provide audit trails for people entering sensitive areas
  • Reduce accidents; restrict staff and visitors from certain areas unless they have the relevant training and the system authorises them to enter the area
  • Reduce internal thefts of information and assets as staff know they are tracked in areas of significance

A card/fob access control solution provides a cost-effective way of securing your building, protecting assets and minimising.

Lock and Unlock

How many times have staff turned up for work only to find that the premises are locked as no one has remembered that the person who regularly unlocks is on holiday or they have reported in sick?

For every minute that access cannot be gained the clock is ticking away and the labour costs are rising. Not to mention the loss of productivity. You can hear the telephones ringing but can’t get to them. Possible business lost, unhappy customers.

By using our service the above scenario will not apply. The security of the building will be increased as the number of staff currently with keys could be reduced.

With us it is about giving you flexibility and a complete peace of mind so that you can focus on productivity


  • Regular premises unlock and lock for staff access
  • Temporary service to cover sickness and absences
  • Alarms unset and set
  • Premises patrolled
  • Doors, windows secured,
  • Unnecessary lights and electrical equipment turned off
  • Staff access outside normal working hours
  • Contractor access outside normal working
  • Emergency cover for absent key holders
  • Staff not locked out
  • Fewer premises keys issued therefore, increased security
  • Access for the Emergency services

Incorporating integrated security measures into your work environment will give you and your employees and co-workers peace of mind. For advice, a Namib Security consultant is able to visit your premises to conduct risk assessments or discuss your security requirements. Get in touch with us today!

Extra tip: It is always better to be safe than be sorry, security is a state of mind.



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