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Find out how you can streamline your static security, audit, retail security solutions and night patrols with our high quality services.

Integrating our security services into your organisation speeds up delivery and reduces risks, to learn how participants from the Financial Services, High Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and other industries implements Namib Security practices that benefits their organizations by making them efficient, secure, and agile.

At Namib Security we take security seriously. Whether it is a security site assessment we undertake, the officers we use or the advanced security solutions we provide, security is always extremely important. We know that you rely on Namib to help protect and manage the critical aspects of your business, and we are committed to protecting your investment.

Security Policy

Namib Security is a company built on culture and trust. We firmly believe that transparency and honesty are the only ways to build and maintain that trust. At Namib, we promise to disclose all relevant information in the event of a security incident, however our first directive is to keep our customers secure and operational. In the event that disclosure may increase the risk to our customers, we ask for sufficient time to resolve the vulnerability before sharing the information.

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