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We take a proactive and reactive approach to our operations with property management and the security challenges posed. Covering concierge/reception security, through to risks such as theft, vandalism and workplace violence.

Property management and office security services.

We have decades of security experience in supporting the real estate and property management sector. We deliver services to many of the most iconic and high-profile properties across England & Wales, including multi-use sites, complex areas, multi-storey corporate buildings, and large portfolios.

We can assist your real estate business by providing expert advice and exceptional solutions that improve operational efficiency, drive sustainability and enhance people satisfaction.

Landlords of multi-tenancy properties use security services because it can be onerous to service the buildings and tenants without professional support.

As well as providing the uniformed personnel to deal with such issues in a timely fashion, Namib ensures that all patrol staff have been trained to deal with people in a non-confrontational fashion to ensure that issues don’t escalate.

Office security

The service mainly relied upon by service companies is Keyholding and Alarm Response with some Lock and Unlock used too.

Signage, advertising the use of security services, is sometimes not required because they don’t want to give anyone the idea that there is something worth breaking in to steal. They aim to fly under the radar – staying low key to avoid bringing into question why there is security on the premises.
When offices are empty they are most vulnerable. So, much of the cover provided is between 5.00pm and 9.00am and over the weekends and Bank Holidays.

Benefits of using our services

Visible deterrent – Preventing Our security presence is a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential threats and unauthorised access.

Immediate response – Our security team responds swiftly to security incidents, ensuring rapid actions to mitigate risks.

Minimising risk – Preventing your staff members from being put on the ‘front-line’ by an alarm at the office or just from being disturbed out-of-hours is good business practice. Outsourcing security activities to trained security specialists makes good business sense.

Emergency trained – We equip our security guards with the necessary skills to handle emergencies effectively, ensuring the safety of all your stakeholders.

Protecting your staff – Preventing your staff members from being put on the ‘front-line’ by an alarm at the office or just from being disturbed out-of-hours is good business practice.

Reduce cost – Staffing security services in-house is always going to be more expensive.When you factor in the flexibility available from your security provider – outsourcing always proves significantly less expensive and more flexible.

Our range of services to the Real Estate sector

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Yes. We work in partnership with our real estate clients to deliver the highest level of service and exceptional value to them considering the specific needs of each building in the portfolio.


Outsourcing facility services can help real estate owners and managers save time and money, while also ensuring that their properties receive the highest quality of care. Namib Security can offer specialised expertise, access to advanced technologies and equipment, and a dedicated team of professionals who are trained to handle a range of facility-related challenges.


We all know that facilities services are critical for maintaining a safe, clean, and functional environment for occupants of a property. Well-maintained facilities can also help to attract and retain tenants, increase property values, and improve the overall reputation of a real estate portfolio. Beyond delivering high-quality services, Namib Security also supports customers to achieve their strategic goals, improve sustainability performance and embrace technological changes.



Our prices are unmatched, competitive and fair. Transparency & integrity is what we always strive for.


We promise to keep to our promise and will always be reliable. Being in the right place, at the right time with the right kit.


When it comes to the quality of our services we do not cut corners it's either 100% or nothing.