Local Government

Namib Security supports local & central government organisations. We understand our clients are striving to achieve the best value and to deliver quality environments for their end-users.

Namib Security secure buildings and other properties for local authorities. Parish Councils, Borough Councils, District Councils, and Town Councils around the region use Namib Security services to secure their offices out of hours and ensure that council facilities are locked and unlocked at the appropriate times.

The services used by local authorities vary widely but usually involve a combination of:

Protecting local authority assets

Local Authorities have been reviewing their security expenditure for decades—aiming to get the best protection for every pound of budget spent. For many councils, the outcome of such reviews has been to outsource out-of-hours premises security to accredited professional security companies such as Namib.

Professional security companies provide the flexibility of always having security services appropriate to the authority’s needs. This gives scope for moving from retained Keyholding & Alarm Response and/or Lock & Unlock services—adding ad-hoc Mobile Patrols or even Manned Guards when the need arises.

Benefits of using our services

Visible deterrent – Preventing Our security presence is a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential threats and unauthorised access.

Immediate response – Our security team responds swiftly to security incidents, ensuring rapid actions to mitigate risks.

Monitor site access – We closely monitor and control access to your premises, allowing only authorised individuals to enter and maintain a secure environment.

Emergency trained – We equip our security guards with the necessary skills to handle emergencies effectively, ensuring the safety of all your stakeholders.

First aid assistance – Besides their security expertise, our guards are all trained in first aid, providing immediate assistance and support.

Highly trained security officer

All of Namib’s Officers have been trained to deal with the public without escalating the situation. Conflict management is part of the training curriculum. Rules, processes and procedures are agreed in advance between the council and Foremost for the handling of such situations. The security officers are briefed and all interactions are reported.

Ad-hoc Cover

Local elections, perceived threat increases and other events can cause the authority to need additional security services, sometimes at short notice. Namib Security provides the flexibility to ramp-up the protection provided on an ad hoc basis.
Increased cover during election night has been one service required by some local authority clients. Deterring anyone from interfering with the counting process or the safe storage of the ballot papers.

Our range of services to the public sector


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We offer a wide range of security services, including access control,security personnel, guarding and risk assessments. Our security team are highly trained to recognise and respond quickly to security threats and emergencies. We provide high-quality services at competitive prices, ensuring that our clients receive value for their money.


We provide a full range of cleaning services to central and local government facilities, including general cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We can design customised solutions that employ efficient and effective cleaning equipment and techniques to minimise costs and optimise results.


Namib Security proudly supports central and local government facilities of all types and sizes across the UK. Our cleaning and security teams help customers in government offices, town halls, city halls, public healthcare facilities and many more.



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