Security staff make sure that Hospitals and other NHS sites are accessible and safe for patients, visitors and staff. They also protect buildings and valuable equipment.

Namib Security protects, hospitals, surgeries and pharmacies across the South-East cities of Oxford, Bicester, Brackley Banbury, Aylesbury Abingdon, Witney and Milton Keynes and the towns surrounding them.

These healthcare services operate in both the private sector and the NHS.
The out-of-hours cover provided by the Namib team ensures that staff members are not called out to deal with security issues when the premises are not open to public.

The main services used within the healthcare sector covered by Namib Security are Alarm Response & Keyholding, Mobile Patrols with Lock & Unlock occasionally too.

Security for healthcare assets

Healthcare premises are at risk from vandals and from thieves who believe they may be able to get access to drugs or equipment including computers. The premises are known to be empty out-of-hours which makes them ready targets. The physical protections in place generally include high-security doors and windows, often with shutters/roller doors. CCTV is less common for such premises because of the risk of invasion of privacy issues which it raises during operating hours. The vast majority of surgeries and pharmacies have comprehensive alarm systems.

Namib Security provide the vital human element of security which supplements the modern physical measures in place. The SIA licenced patrol officers who respond to alarm activations have received full training to deal with all scenarios.

Benefits of using our services

Visible deterrent – Preventing Our security presence is a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential threats and unauthorised access.

Immediate response – Our security team responds swiftly to security incidents, ensuring rapid actions to mitigate risks.

Monitor site access – We closely monitor and control access to your premises, allowing only authorised individuals to enter and maintain a secure environment.

Emergency trained – We equip our security guards with the necessary skills to handle emergencies effectively, ensuring the safety of all your stakeholders.

First aid assistance – Besides their security expertise, our guards are all trained in first aid, providing immediate assistance and support.

In-house staffing of security services isn’t a viable option for most surgeries and pharmacies. The flexibility and support available from your professional security provider far exceeds that which an in-house team can provide and it is generally significantly less expensive.

Our range of services to the Healthcare sector


Healthcare FAQ


Technology can help improve the delivery of cleaning and security services to healthcare facilities. Remote monitoring and real-time reporting can help providers identify and respond to issues quickly. Access control systems and surveillance cameras can improve security and provide valuable data for analysis and improvement.


Security services play an important role in ensuring the safety of patients, staff, and visitors in healthcare facilities. Our security team are highly trained to recognise and respond to security threats and emergencies, including violence, theft, and medical emergencies. They also are trained on a patient-centric approach that aims to make security teams also welcoming and helpful to all visitors.


Namib Security proudly supports healthcare facilities of all types and sizes across Oxfordshire. Our cleaning and security teams can support customers in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, surgery centres, rehabilitation centres, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation centres



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