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The importance of presenting a professional image and providing a comfortable working environment is crucial to any corporate environment. You can trust us to deliver the best possible experience to you, your people, and your organisation.

Our business is taking care of your business. We offer a wide range of services including cleaning, security, and front-of-house services to the corporate sector. We understand that its essential to have a reliable partner who can help you create a great impression for your customers and enhance the productivity of your employees.

Effective corporate security is vital to ensuring the resilience and continuity of your business operations. It allows your people to work in a safe and secure environment, and protect critical assets, including people, property and information. Ultimately, corporate security helps ensure long-term success of your organisation.

Corporate security will help your organisation

Reputation Your brand and reputation are vital to how you are perceived in the marketplace. that the personal touch is very important to corporate customers. Our managers build strong partnerships with our clients, getting to know their requirements and priorities in-depth. This enables us to tailor our services to meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations.

Compliance Regulators expect you to comply with internal and external laws and regulations.

Culture Risk awareness and good security behaviours are key to protecting the organisation against security threats.

Duty of Care Undertaking adequate risk assessments and training employees will help ensure a safer working environment.

Reputation Understanding and managing your risk exposure will drive efficiency and help minimise financial impacts.

for our clients to be confident that every person contributing to their business can create a positive impact on the workplace and build their brand image. We are proud to have the best people in our sector. They enhance our clients’ reputations in every interaction.

Our range of services to the corporate sector


Corporate Sector FAQ


At Namib Security, we take the time to know our customers and learn more about their businesses. We deliver individual service lines or bundled solutions tailored precisely to meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of our corporate customers. We take great pride in our clients and we work very hard to deliver exceptional service for each one.


Our people enhance our clients’ brands by ensuring their buildings are well presented, safe and welcoming environments at all times. For example, our security teams provide an impressive and reassuring presence for our clients, welcoming their staff and guests, and creating a strong impression from the first moment. Our cleaning teams ensure that every surface is polished and every pane of glass is gleaming, providing a comfortable working environment to employees.


We support many of the most prestigious legal, tax, financial services, insurance, consultancy and commercial firms across England & Wales. We support them by delivering cleaning, security and other services to their individual office spaces and buildings.



Our prices are unmatched, competitive and fair. Transparency & integrity is what we always strive for.


We promise to keep to our promise and will always be reliable. Being in the right place, at the right time with the right kit.


When it comes to the quality of our services we do not cut corners it's either 100% or nothing.