Car Dealerships

Car dealerships have valuable assets on site – and many criminals assume a car forecourt is an easy target.It’s important for car dealerships to be able to display their cars, but only if they are protected from security risks. With adequate security measures in place, car dealership owners can feel reassured that trained security professionals are keeping a watchful eye over their site when staff aren’t there.

Car dealerships are exposed to security threats in a way which many businesses are not. With the value of the vehicles they sell being so high and parts so easily taken the security issues are significant.
Namib provide security to a number of dealerships across counties: Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

The services provided vary but are usually focussed on Keyholding & Alarm Response and Mobile Patrols.

Security threats

The common assumption might be that the most significant threat to a new car dealership would be the theft of vehicles. But, experience tells us that, while this is a worry, the biggest problem which threatens the dealerships is the stripping of parts from vehicles on the lot. Criminals often turn up with the needed tools, jack-up the car (where necessary) and stripped out the parts required.

The dealership showrooms, spare parts facilities and offices are rarely the target. But the lots at both the main site and any offsite storage compounds are! Camera coverage of the lots is often insufficient, on its own, to prevent the crime.

Benefits of using our services

Visible deterrent – Preventing Our security presence is a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential threats and unauthorised access.

Immediate response – Our security team responds swiftly to security incidents, ensuring rapid actions to mitigate risks.

Minimising risks – All dealerships, whether of new or used cars, are at risk of parts theft and/or very expensive damage to the vehicles waiting for sale.

Emergency trained – We equip our security guards with the necessary skills to handle emergencies effectively, ensuring the safety of all your stakeholders.

Reduce costs – Staffing security services in-house is always going to be more expensive. When you factor in the flexibility available from your security provider – outsourcing always proves significantly less expensive and more flexible.

Protecting your assets

Your vehicles are vulnerable. Theft may be difficult, although it has happened, but stripping of parts is a common problem which security patrols mitigate against.
Using a security provider such as Namib Security to deter criminals from targeting your property is a very cost-effective way to minimise potential problems.

Security cover for out of hours

Most dealerships use security patrols for out of hours times. During working hours, the threat level is considerably lower. Often, extra cover is requested on bank holidays.

We also work with dealerships to provide additional cover when the perceived threat level is high. When staff have seen people hanging around, checking things out or asking suspicious questions they sometimes contact Namib to call in extra patrol services at short notice.



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