Commercial business assets are always exposed to risks and threats. Risk managements are crucial. We provide security solutions in the form of security officers, luxury retail security, loss prevention, front-of-house security are all a fundamental part of any professional organisation.

Our approach is focusing on delivering high quality services, attention to details, and true value for money and exceptional customer service. Customer service is hugely vital it’s everything from the smartness of our staff uniforms, cleanliness and quality of our services.

We have combined modern technology and traditional security methods to provide our customers with high quality security services. Our security experts are well trained and comply to security industry authority or SIA. Security management requires a full understating about practices and the law.

Our company is customer focused and driven. Our customers are not just a number our aim is to always acknowledge that our primary function is to solve our client’s problems. All our security personnel understand the importance of quality and customer service, these are embedded in our company culture and values.

We recognize the value of people, physical assets, information and systems that are crucial to any organisation to undertake its business and the necessity to protect them. Our core aim is to protect your assets and avoid any disruption to your business. In today’s ever evolving world security solutions are always important so having solid security solutions in place is key in mitigating threats, on-site break-ins, fire prevention and alarms.

We use a state of the art GPS SmartScan Technology System whereby active tags are placed at our clients premises, the officer will scan the unique tag point, this allow our clients to view activities in real time and any reported incidents instantly. Our security patrols vehicles are tracked by Tomtom We are fully insured and only use SIA licensed officers.




Our prices are unmatched, competitive and fair. Transparency & integrity is what we always strive for.


We promise to keep to our promise and will always be reliable. Being in the right place, at the right time with the right kit.


When it comes to the quality of our services we do not cut corners it's either 100% or nothing.