The Armed Forces Covenant agreement

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In June 2021, Namib Security Limited signed the Armed Forces Covenant as a key part of getting the Namib Security name out as a military-friendly employer. The Covenant is a pledge that those who serve and have served in the armed forces and their families will be treated fairly in society. While few organisations would knowingly fail to uphold this, the pledge highlights how widespread and damaging a lack of awareness can be.

The strains of working in a high-risk environment are evident yet we rarely acknowledge the challenges that other aspects of military and post-military life present. Every year thousands of people leave the military. With the average leaving age at 45 many veterans find themselves looking for civilian jobs for the first time in their life and coming up against people with decades of experience.

There are charities and organisations which offer aid in transition out of the forces but when it comes to beginning a new job, it is not always obvious to employers where the needs of ex-service people differ from those of other employees.

Facilities management is a field often recommended to ex-service people and it’s up to hiring companies to take a holistic approach to fulfilling the Covenant. From the hiring process to support in the job to progression, to communicating with HR and office managers, the whole organisation needs to play a role. Otherwise they risk missing out on potential talent.

Namib Security having been founded in Bicester by an ex-British army soldier (veteran) we understand the challenges soldiers face transitioning from military to civvy life.

Many ex-soldiers often find it easier to find work in the security services industry as the discipline are very similar to that of their past military experience. We are proud of becoming a military-friendly employer.



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